Anasayfaya Dön

General Information


Our goal in the Medical Laboratory Techniques program is to train qualified health technicians at the level of associate degree in international standards during the training period and to equip the medical laboratory technicians with the scientific technological developments that the time requires.


To be a training centre with higher education quality at national and international level by carrying out education, instruction and community services in universal standards. To be an educational institution that will be first choice in the training of medical laboratory technicians. To be a reputable health education and training program that is open to scientific and technological developments and contributes to the public.


• To take precautionary measures related to health and work safety in the working environment.

• To make the regular maintenance of laboratory equipment and make them work in the most efficient way.

• To determine laboratory deficiencies and making requests.

• To take biological materials (blood, urine, culture, etc.) from the patient.

• To keep the specimens taken from the patient under appropriate conditions and to ensure their preservation.

• To prepare materials for analysis.

• To make material analyses (biochemical, microbiological, pathological hematologic, etc.)

• To check the results of material analysis.

• To deliver material analysis results to the laboratory specialist.

• To participate in vocational training activities.

• To follow professional technological developments.